Monday, October 03, 2016

Fall Feels

My favourite season is upon us, and here comes a ramble about why I love the fall.
No. One - Sweaters.

All of the layers. All of my favourite clothes. All of the coziness. 

No. Two - Rain.

Viivi's favourite weather. Every single day. It makes my heart happy, and it also helps me sleep easy at night which is always beneficial.

No. Three - Candles.

All of the candles and fairy lights everywhere. It's getting darker earlier which means excuses to burn candles and nights in reading under the comfort of my sheets.

No. Four - Hot Beverages. 

Weather change makes it easier to drink coffee, tea and all the seasonal beverages which are coming out in cafes. 

No. Five - Smells.

The fresh Fall air smell. Nothing beats that. And also the spicy candle smells. It makes my heart happy.

x Veevley

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