Thursday, June 02, 2016

Progression // Growing Up Veevley #2

I'm someone who constantly needs to feel as though I am moving forward. I need to know that I am not stuck in 'standstill' or 'doing nothing'. I need to know that I am doing something that is going to take me somewhere. I sit and come up with lists upon lists of things I need to do in order to achieve the goals I have for myself by the time I am thirty. I rarely stop. My brain is constantly on, trying to figure out how I can progress further.

This week - this stopped me:

"Maybe sometimes our life is meant to be more about someone else's progress than our own." - Steven Furtick

Instead of constantly thinking about moving forward myself, I should be focusing on what I am doing to allow others around me to move further and run faster? There's always a danger when you're an ambitious person that you'll trod on anyone and everything in your path without giving it a second thought. Am I becoming that person?

Maybe all of my experiences in life are not for my benefit, but actually for someone else? Maybe, the situations I have found myself in have simply been there to mould me, to shape me, to be able to help someone else progress.

What if I stopped caring about 'making it' or 'making my dreams a reality' and instead started focusing on pushing others to reach theirs? If I put my massive ego and pride aside for two minutes, and allowed people to see me - flaws and all, yet still loved by my Father - maybe they will recognise that love is theirs too.

Maybe if I stopped striving so hard, I would be less intimidating and actually someone people feel comfortable around.

But it is a little bit of a scary thought for someone who likes running. I run from everything. It's easier to continue moving than to stay still - because when you are still, everything catches up with you. It's scary to think that maybe if I actually released my goals and dreams to God, allowing Him to do what He wants in His timing - maybe it would happen? Or maybe I would end up training someone else to take over my goal because they could do it more effectively?

Am I comfortable being a little person for the rest of my life? To truly give yourself up is to understand that you are not the number one priority in the world. We all have our part to play in this thing called humanity - and however little that role may be, it matters. But we need to get into a place of being comfortable - accepting that the universe does not revolve around us, and neither do the people around us. If we all took a step back and started thinking about how we could influence others and push them to shine, imagine the world we would end up living in.

Sometimes our life isn't about our own progress, it's about someone else's.

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