Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Beauty For Ashes (Life Lessons & Tattoos)

Tattoo number two is here, and it is in a far more visible place than the previous one is. Big love to Lu from Spike at the Art in Plymouth for making this piece as beautiful as it turned out. She did a fantastic job.
So I've been learning some things recently about understanding your past and releasing it completely. I've been taking a good hard look at where I have come from and what kind of person my past has shaped me into. I've been coming to accept the term "saved" when it comes to my faith. I've been reminded over and over again of just how utterly lost I would have been if I hadn't been picked up off of the floor over and over again. How helpless and broken I was. 

I heard a song in October of last year which completely brought this into a new light and perspective for me. I had never really listened to Christian music as I always thought it was quite cheesy and a bit too "Christianese" for me, but when I heard this song it changed something for me, woke me up to something I had known all along but never fully realised. So I decided to get the words "Beauty For Ashes" tattooed as it kind of reminds me to keep looking back on my life with the perspective of where I am currently and how fortunate I am to have pulled through, rather than from a perspective of a depressed girl dragging herself back down.

"Love met me in the ruins of all my past mistakes. Love walked me to the river. Love broke apart these chains. Love spoke a new tomorrow, opened my eyes to see. Love washed away this sadness. Love came and rescued me." - Chris McClarney (Beauty For Ashes)

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