Wednesday, March 30, 2016

New Photography Website!

I am so proud to be able to announce the launch of my new website after so much waiting!

Head over there and show it some love if you want to keep up to speed with what is going in my photography world. The blog over there will focus much more on photo walks and trips around the globe, whereas this blog will continue to be much more content based, venting about deeper life subjects and general thoughts and contemplations. 

Monday, March 07, 2016

Royal William Yard - Photo Walk

I've been more and more inspired by this city since being back from my travels a couple week's ago. So I figured I would share a few photos with you all...

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Being Irrelevant.

I've been thinking a lot again this week about more of those deep life matters which everyone wants to run away from. Yup. That's me. If someone could shut my brain off for a moment so I can get to sleep, I'd appreciate it. Anyways, I've been thinking... And for some reason, I find it a good idea to post these thoughts onto the internet.

One of the biggest fears which I have is leaving this life behind and noticing that I was a nobody. That I was irrelevant. That people could read my autobiography and find me uninteresting. Just another person. I fight against this on a constant basis, even when it comes to conversations with some of my closest friends. I need to have deep, meaningful conversations and connections with people so that I don't go unnoticed. I need to feel like I'm making an impact, leaving some sort of mark saying "Viivi was here."

Finland & Israel - Photo Diary

Last week I traveled to both Finland and Israel in the span of eight days. I then spent thirty-six hours traveling back to the UK due to an eleven hour layover in Ukraine and an overnight stay in Gatwick before catching my bus to Plymouth. But I figured I would share the images from those eight days here.