Tuesday, February 09, 2016

I Don't Even Really Know...

I lit a candle today and it reminded me of you. You were a light flickering in the midst of all of the bullshit that the world threw our way. Through the pain and agony you endured, you were strong. In the sweet release, you were graceful and delicate. 

Why you decided to leave, I don't know and I will probably never fully understand. I wish I could ask you. Spend one more evening with you debating the deep questions of life. You brought us so much joy. So much peace. Even in the middle of the hardest weeks of your life, you kept going. Hope. That's all I wish I could've given you.

I wish I could've helped you. I wish I could've saved you.

I hope you feel free. I hope you dance across the skies and explore the galaxies which we cannot reach. I hope you're happy. I hope that you're running, skipping and laughing down at all of us. I hope that you know you are so very loved...

This pain will fade, but your memory won't. Fly home, rest easy.

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