Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Tattoo Story

So this is a question I get asked quite often so I figured I would explain my tattoo a little bit to everyone who was interested. 
First of all, let me give credit to where credit is due - Shachar Ozery (Koit Tattoo) designed my tattoo at the studio Tattooizm in Tel Aviv, Israel.

All through my teen years and even in my childhood - I remember always being the child who would take "the road less traveled." I never wanted to fit the mould, because well... To be perfectly honest - the mould was boring and it didn't suit my personality. I was always the person who asked "Well.. Why?" or "What if A, B, or C?" and "Because I said so" was never a good enough explanation. I asked the questions nobody wanted to give answers to, or maybe even the ones they didn't know the answers to. My teachers probably hated me. 

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't really like publicly speaking about my life, what I've been through, etc... Because for me - my past is my past and although it has formed me into the person I am today, I normally decide that the past does not deserve more than a simple thought. But on the rare occasion where I do go into detail about specifically the last seven years of my life, I usually get the same response: "Well that's different..." Whether that's in a negative fashion from people criticising my decisions, or from people admiring them, the response is still usually the same.

Different, unconventional, odd. Those are all words which have been used to describe me in both negative and positive lights for many years. But I always loved it. The more I didn't do the expected, the more proud I was of myself for becoming my own person. Granted, balance is always key and the appreciation for that balance takes time to find, but I think I have successfully begun to comprehend that now. 

After an incredibly tough couple of years where I had felt the need to fight and defend every decision and move that I made - I felt extremely out of place and out of my element in various different ways. However; during that time, I began to really find out who I really was. I decided to place a reminder on myself that although my road or path in life was different from the typical or the norm, at least I was being true to myself. Yes, I know - super cheesy. But sometimes the truth is cheesy. I needed to wake up to something every day which reminded me of how far I had come over the last few years. That my accomplishments, however little they may be in others eyes, were valid and something to take pride in.

So that's the story behind the words "It may be unconventional, but at least I'm moving."

I've also always had a little bit of an obsession with hot air balloons, and as they are quite an "unconventional" form of travel, I thought it was quite apt. And due to having to teach myself how to (at times) follow my heart over my brain much more over the last couple of years, therefore - anatomical heart as the envelope for the hot air balloon. 

So I decided I wanted to combine all of the above into a tattoo. Because it showed a lot to me about the road which I have taken to get to the place where I am today... So massive thanks to Shachar for being able to bring all of the elements which I wanted to portray and make it a reality :) 

x Veevley

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