Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Celebrations

I may love Christmas quite a lot. That is no secret. This year's Christmas plans changed quite a fair bit from my original plans but they ended up being just as amazing as they were supposed to have been...

I ended up spending this Christmas with my best friend, Samantha (whom you may remember from the Malta blog posts). We just sat at home, binge-watched Christmas movies, ate good food and went to a Christmas Eve Carol service at a local church here. 

It was nice, quiet and relaxed :) Just thought I would share some photos of my Christmas week with you all. 

^^ Meet Pugsworth, my Christmas present from Samantha. As I am not able to get a dog until next year, she decided this might make me feel better. It is now my guard dog :) 

Hope your festive season was as relaxing as mine!

x Veevley

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