Monday, October 19, 2015

When Moving To A New Country - Part Two.

So... Here comes round two of my ranting which hopefully helps one or two of you...

I have started to get a grip on my surroundings here in Plymouth, and am quite enjoying life. Things are still difficult considering I still don't have a proper base built, and my family and friends are all 1,600+ miles away. However; it is becoming easier the more I get used to it. 

I find myself realising that the quicker you come to an acceptance of your scenario and situation, the faster you are able to fully integrate into life and also get used to your new reality. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy and it hurts like hell - but it does help to get adjusted to your surroundings and not stay inside your little pitty-box. 

I've been taking walks around the city and actually quite falling in love with it. There's loads of hidden gems here and finding them is helping me feel much more like a proper local. It also helps to know you'll be more aware of where to take your relatives and friends when they come to visit, and that you have more things to talk about with them than just what is going on back home... Because, let's face it, the more you hear about home, the harder it is not to miss it and all of the people who you "left behind." 

Here are some more observations from this past week... 

Make your house your home.

Buy a few candles (favourite Christmas scents are recommended), cozy throws, decorate the walls with posters and paintings which are your particular and specific taste. It will help your new house feel more like you've been living in it for years and actually have a "nest" of sorts.

Take time to focus on things that you may have neglected.

Whether that be reading, blogging, focusing on marketing your business, catching up on a favourite TV series, whatever it may be... It helps to have something that you can keep yourself busy with. It makes it easier to deal with your new life on your own when you have something that you can immerse yourself into. You'll need to push yourself though because it may be very possible that you won't have someone cheering you on alongside you.

Start to create new memories.

This may be difficult, especially if you don't have a group of friends around you.. But even just going out and filling your camera roll on your phone with more images than simply images of home will help. If you see a great sunset, put on a good tune and snap a photo. Just begin to learn to enjoy the simplicity of things sometimes. It will help you step away from the complexity of life at the present moment. 

So yeah... 

There's a few more observations from this previous week which was hopefully a more positive blog post than the previous one was...

x Veevley

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