Sunday, October 18, 2015


Today is national anti-slavery day in the UK, so I decided to write about an issue rocking our world today, human trafficking. 

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being able to photograph an event here in Plymouth called #WalkForFreedom.
The Walk For Freedom is an event organised by The A21 Campaign, and it's intention is to raise awareness worldwide to the issue of slavery and human trafficking. Basically, a group of people in multiple countries around the world walk around their cities, in single file, silently, dressed in black and some with tape on their lips. Certain people hand out leaflets to onlookers about The A21 Campaign with statistics and information about human trafficking. 

Here are some images from our walk... 

Did You Know?

Approximately 27 million people are being trafficked worldwide.

Only 1-2% of people who are trafficked get rescued. That means approximately 98% of people never get to see freedom.

The average age of a trafficking victim in 12 years old.

Every 30 seconds, another person becomes a victim of modern-day slavery.

All the information above is taken from The A21 campaign website and as they can probably explain a lot of things much better than I can, if you are interested to read more, please go to

This is a massive issue which we all have a responsibility to do something about... Of course, not all of us can go out and rescue these people but we can stand alongside those who are able to and help them to the best we can... Again, has information of how YOU can help and be a part of abolishing modern-day slavery. 

x Veevley

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