Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Blueberry Brother's

I would like to introduce you to one of my new favourite beers - Blue Yonder by The Blueberry Brothers.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of these brothers during a Food Market at Royal William Yard last Sunday - Nick. Here's my experience...

Let me start by saying that Nick was such a lovely presence at the Food Market and seemed to have such a passion and love for what he does. He also had seemed to have incredible people skills, giving each customer his full attention and building what could only be described as friendships. 

The Blueberry Brothers offer a wide range of products from blueberries, to chocolates, to jams, muffins, brownies and even beer!

The blueberries which I tasted from The Blueberry Brothers booth at the market were amazing. On the same level as Finnish blueberries (and if anyone knows me well, they know that is quite a high standard to be held to). 

In the few moments I spent with Nick, I got to learn that we had quite a few things in common - he had spent a few weeks near Helsinki and had once even lived in Israel! It was so refreshing to hear some of his stories from his adventures around the world. 

Intrigued by their blueberry beer, I decided to have a taste while at the market, and was immediately blown away. The blueberry flavour is noticeable, however; not over-powering. It is a light beer, and is very easy to drink. It shall have to be a regular purchase for my fridge...

I would highly suggest for you to go and read more about The Blueberry Brothers and take a look at their products on their Facebook page or their website!

And if you're at the RWY Food Market next month, they just might be there, so keep an eye out. 

x Veevley

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