Saturday, October 17, 2015

Five Things Not To Do When Missing Home.

So... I've been bad... Here are all the very unhelpful things I have done this past week which I probably should have refrained from... Five things not to do when you're missing home...

1. Listen to sad music.

This step leads to all of the following ones... Trust me...

2. Go through past photos of you and your loved ones. 

It hurts more when you see their stupid, lovely, far away faces.

3. Curl up in bed and close yourself off to the world around you. 

Just allows you to wallow and dwell in something which you really have no power to change and ultimately really doesn't help your situation.

4. Look up the news from your home country... 

I've been glued to the news channels for the last couple weeks with rising tensions in Israel... All it does is make you anxious.

5.  Facebook stalk your friends.

 Don't do it. Resist the urge. It'll just make you miss everyone more. 

Get out and do something, get your mind off of things and begin to settle into your new life. Otherwise, it will take you forever...

x Veevley

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