Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Malta Photo Diary: Day Three.

On day three of our Malta experience, we decided to head down to the city of Mdina, the old capital of Malta. What we didn't expect is that we would fall in love with the city. But let's start all the way back in the morning...

We took the ferry across to Valletta and explored the city a little bit more. We also ate fresh strawberries on the ferry. 

What I found especially fascinating and beautiful were all the abandoned buildings. We also came across a few massive abandoned buildings which used to be used for prisoners.

After visiting a few churches and seeing the sites, and heading back to the hotel to change as I may have fallen into the water by accident at one point, we headed towards Mdina. 

After lunch (pictured above), we hit the streets and walked around for a long time. 

We also took a train ride around the city... Because we do the "tourist thing" in style.

After spending the entire day in Mdina, having lunch and dinner there, we headed back towards the hotel. 

Successful day, absolutely breathtaking views and proper vacationing had. 

See you tomorrow! 

x Veevley

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