Thursday, March 26, 2015

Malta Photo Diary: Day Six.

Today was our last full day in Malta, so we decided to spend it by going to Popeye Village and exploring some cemeteries. Because why the hell not?


Although it was definitely worth the visit to see the location where Popeye was filmed, I must admit I was a tad disappointed. I was expecting there to be more reference to the film and fun facts about what it was like on set or just good movie trivia.

Also, not one mention of Robin Williams' death... Which I sort of understand, but you would assume they would be respectful enough to maybe add a small poster of some sort to remember him and say we miss him? Just my thoughts.

We then headed back to the hotel and had a chill evening. Tomorrow we have a few final hours to explore Valletta before running away to the airport. Wish we didn't have to leave yet. I really do quite love this place... But at the same time, I am looking forward to getting to sleep in my own bed.

x Veevley

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