Wednesday, May 28, 2014

May Favourites - Not Another Favourites Post.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this past month has been absolutely mental, so I do not have many new things that I have been loving this month. Which means that I have decided this month's favourites is going to be a general blog post favourites, as I have been doing lots of that on the go this past month.

Found through Breanna Rose - my new wallpaper.

THIS photographer's work with time lapsing dancers in motion blows my mind.

From Roses wrote a brilliant posts on some honest thoughts on blogging, which really makes you think.

Tools to being more productive, through apps.

Soymilkblog's summer uniform.

THIS cracked me up quite a bit. Funny things students say.

Getting into the traveling spirit by reading about other's experiences and favourite destinations.

THIS want list matches mine very closely.

Have you ever wondered how to make cookies and cream popsicles? Well, here's how.

Things to think about as a new blogger.

That's all this time! See you all tomorrow!

x Veevley

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