Friday, March 14, 2014

What I'm Loving - Links

Hello everybody!

Today, I figured I would spread the love and share a couple links I have been really loving lately.

 No. 1 - Tiny Twisst

This woman is gorgeous. And has an amazing sense in style. It always brightens up my day when her blog posts pop up in my bloglovin feed.

Also a little side note, the calendar on the wall is from Smäm. Check her out.

No. 2 - A Beautiful Mess

From DIY, Interior Design, Recipes to Photography. These girls cover it all. An awesome read.

No. 3 - Why Not Monday

Something to make your Monday's just that much easier to get through.

No. 4 - Wit & Spice

One of the best lifestyle blogs I have read. Awesome pictures and super good posts. One of my favourite blogs.

No. 5 - It's Grace on Youtube

This woman is hilarious. And if you haven't heard of her yet - Who are you and how do you exist? Everyone knows Grace. She's amazing. And really entertaining.

Check all those out! What links have you been loving lately?

x Veevley

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