Sunday, March 30, 2014

Music of the Week #7

Here's what was playing on my playlists this week. It has quite a few different styles. Was definitely an interesting week in the World of Veevley.

Sunday - Fools by Lauren Aquilina

New discovery in the world of music for me but I love this girls voice. Absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth checking this out. Super chill music. I was listening to the song 'Wonder' a lot on Sunday as well as throughout the week.

Monday - Breakers by Gem Club

I cannot say enough good words, and actually it's extremely hard to explain how beautiful this music is. So would probably be best for you to just go check it out for yourself ;)

Tuesday - I'm Sorry by The Neighbourhood

This one was hard for me to admit because I usually hate when songs become popular and then I stop listening to them (because I'm a hipster, no use denying it). But holy crap, I just realised that I listened to this album three times through on Tuesday and didn't even notice until afterwards.

Wednesday - Trouble Will Find Me by The National

I don't have words. The National always takes my breath away. 

Thursday - INTIL by Menomena

This song came as a recommendation from Smäm a while ago and I haven't been able to stop listening to it since. I really should get myself to listen to the rest of the music on this album and others by Menomena, but I'm lazy so I haven't yet. But it shall happen, I promise!

Friday - R.E.V.O by Walk Off The Earth

Not usually my kind of music but something about this album kept me so intrigued and interested. So yeah... I liked it, and it was on repeat. Surprised myself and my music taste with this one.

Saturday - Matilda by Stateless

Last but definitely not least. I haven't heard this album before, but decided to listen to this on Saturday, then very quickly fell in love. It's incredible. Just do yourself a favour and put the whole list onto your "MUST LISTEN" list.

Well that is all for my this weeks recommendations music wise! Let me know what you think of the above as well as if you have any good recommendations for me to listen to! 

x Veevley

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