Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Travel Post - Sweden - Part One

I can't even begin to tell you how brilliant this country is. In all seriousness, as we drive around, I am breathless at how beautiful this place is. During my stay in the lovely land of Sweden, I am staying in Uppsala, which is just a little ways outside of Stockholm.

I started off my full day here in the best way possible - good coffee and better company. After a very relaxed morning, I headed off to the city to meet up with a friend of mine for lunch and to walkabout the city. The above is a picture of the dome church in the centre of Uppsala, and a bell that was (as I was told) gifted by the king to his beloved wife some hundreds of years ago. That is the extent of the story I heard - if this isn't true, please do correct me. ;) 

More things in the city. Firstly, I made friends with some ducks. The one in the picture above is the only one who would allow me to take a picture of him... I have named him Donald and he shall be coming home to Israel with me. Oh wait... I have a plane ride. Nevermind. The second photo is the river that runs through the city, which I thought was so unique and intriguing. I had to spend a few moments just taking it all in on the bridge... And then the wind came along and I needed to run to warmth. 

I then met up with the Woodrows (the most lovely family I have ever met), and we went inside the Dome church. That's Sara and Alfie in the picture above lighting a candle in the dome church and a chandelier there too, simply because, details must always be added.

We then went for fika, which is apparently a huge thing here in Sweden, at one of the most warm and quaint places I've ever been to. It felt like home... Except with extremely good pastries and amazing coffee. Coffee and Semla - Swedish delicacy and expertise when it comes to baking. 'Twas extremely good.

I mentioned these guys briefly earlier... The above pictures are the Woodrows, great friends and the people I am staying with here in Uppsala. Absolutely love these guys. Firstly, their two kids (Alfie and Stellan) are the most adorable kids in the world. Secondly, Sara (http://www.smä and Dan are some of the most talented and amazing people I have met in the universe. Without getting too sentimental - I am so glad I know these guys, quality people.

Anyhow that is my first blog on Sweden. See you tomorrow!

x Veevley