Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Travel Post - Sweden - Part Two

I made the decision to include two days in the post below. Without ridiculously long introductions, shall we get going? DAY ONE (well really day two,  first day being featured on this post).

On my day yesterday we went for a little bit of a 'showing Viivi around walk,' just so happens that it is extremely beautiful here and I just happened to take my camera with me as well... Got to see lots of snow and green trees. It was absolutely beautiful.

We encountered a horse on the way back and decided to greet him/her... How am I supposed to know what gender it was... Anyhow, this was pretty brilliant moment for me because you don't really see any horses in Jerusalem, roaming around on Jaffa street, unless they're police horses, and even then it's rare... I may have been more excited than Alfie. Maybe... 

Above you can see the back of Alfie and Dan's heads. They are shaking snow off some trees.

We then went past the store to get some stuff for fika (coffee break), and went back to the house. Also went to go see a movie with Dan & Sara later that night. 'Twas a pretty brilliant, chill day.

DAY TWO (actually day three).

Lunch with the Woodrows, pizza made by Sara and Alfie. And it was extremely good too.  Homemade is always the way to go when it comes to food of any kind. 

I then took a walk around the city with the lovely Sara, and went to a lovely place which will from now on be referred to as Viivi's paradise - The English Bookshop. First off, I got some incredible books which I have been wanting to read for an incredibly long time - that will all be on tomorrow's blog post, so be sure to check back. Secondly, the owner had had dinner with... WAIT FOR IT ... Terry Pratchett!!!! He told me he had been at a dinner with Terry Pratchett and 20 people or so in London this past year. He also said that Pratchett had gone round the table and talked to everyone there. Uft man... Jealousy in absolutely every inch of my being. Anyway... I just thought that was super cool. So if you happen to go by this place - ask that guy to tell you some stories.

We then headed out with Sara to a few stores. Firstly we stopped at a store called DesignTorget (which means Design square) which is similar to a place we have in Jerusalem called Soho. Basically this store has a bunch of really quirky and unique household items (kitchen utensils, etc...) We then headed off to a store called Monki where we did some clothes shopping before heading back to the house for dinner and a game of Hide & Seek involving all five of us - Alfie, Stellan, Dan, Sara and me. Overall - a pretty successful day, in my opinion.

One more day here. See you all tomorrow.

x Veevley

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