Friday, January 31, 2014

Quick Update - Finland

As I write this, it is 7:30am, and I have just boarded a train on my way out of Helsinki into the middle of nowhere - Jakobstad, or as Finns say - Pietarsaari. I am heading to a wedding of my dear friends, which I will be photographing - Nate & Pernilla. 

Now for someone who has lived her whole life outside of my motherland, it's always quite an interesting experience coming back here. It never feels quite right, as it never feels like home. Every time that the plane lands here, I always get an overwhelming sense of uncomfortability and homesickness. This is simply because every time that I am here, I feel like I need to force myself to fit in and try to be "Finnish" when I clearly am not anymore. And probably also because this time of year, it's very dark, although there is lots of snow which is nice. 

But then again, it is nice to come back here every now and again to see the snow - and in my case on this trip, more than just Helsinki and Espoo.

On this train ride, I am slowly starting to see more and more of the country, as the sun (well... what little sun actually comes out this time of year) begins to rise and shed it's light. The further north I go, the city starts to fade and the countryside begins to show up. I guess when you don't travel around this country too much, you don't realise just how spacious it really is. It gets quite snowy.

As I am sitting on a train, pictures aren't quite turning out very well. But I promise to have some up in the next few days!

That's just a quick update of where I am currently.

x Veevley

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