Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bookworm - The English Bookshop - Uppsala

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I was shown a bookshop here in Uppsala and have decided to call it Viivi's paradise from now on. I also may have gone a little bit book crazy and bought five books... Even though I'm in a foreign country and I have a plane ride to take them on... Hmm... As long as my bag doesn't weigh too much, all will be good.

I have two favourite books of all time and one of them is 1984 by George Orwell. I also really loved Animal Farm by him. So as the author of one of my favourite books, I saw this and figured I needed to read some more of his work, so I bought it. Also - the cover's pretty awesome I think.

My second favourite book of all time is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman... Granted, I absolutely love everything that I have read by him so it was hard to pick a favourite. Anyhow, this is a book that I have been trying to get my hands on for an extremely long time now and I am so glad to finally have found it! It is now mine and shall have a special place on my bookshelf.

Yes, I bought another Gaiman book. I saw it in the store and actually, the cover was the first thing that caught my eye. When I realised it was another Gaiman book, I figured there was no way it could disappoint me. We shall see how it is, but I'm sure that it's going to be superb.

Another book that I finally got around to reading this year and absolutely loved was Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett. That is what sparked my love for Terry Pratchett books. The cashier at the store was lovely and began to rave about the new covers on these books which of course made it a 100% purchase for me, cause who doesn't want an epic book with an epic cover? Just saying.

Last but certainly not least, I got one more Terry Pratchett book. Pyramids. I had never actually heard about this one specifically, but the cover looked intriguing as did the back, so I decided to have a go at it. I will let you know what I think as soon as I finish it. But as always, Terry Pratchett is an extremely intriguing author and I'm sure I'll enjoy reading his works.

Hope you guys enjoyed that. Will let you know what I think of them as I finish reading them.

x Veevley


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    1. Thank you for introducing me to it :) was a really great trip! x